Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Things I Think About at 1:30 AM

Ok so I know the LAST thing you probably want to hear right now is another whiny "poor me" post. But if I cant be a whiner here, where can I?

I just keep marveling at how fast time has gone by.

"We do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is merely a vapor, that appears for a little time, and then vanishes in the wind." --James 4:14

See?? Even God says our lives are ridiculously short. I hate it! I hate that my life is going by so fast. I feel like I closed my eyes to blink in like the second grade and when I opened them again I was halfway done with my Junior year.

I think one of the biggest ironies about time in general is that when we want time to go by as fast as possible (say, during a long car ride or maybe while you're in a class at school that you really REALLY hate- cough*CALCULUS*cough*) it trickles by like molasses in long, dragging lulls. And when you want time to slow down, so that you can take the little moments of happiness in your life and cherish them for as long as possible, time snaps you forward brutally whether you like it or not. It's just awful. It's like life is one big 'GOTCHA!!!' All the little cliches, they're true!

You really DON'T know what you have until it's gone.

Time DOES fly, sometimes even when you're NOT having fun.

There's no place like home....

And life IS like a box of chocolates- and death is like an allergy to peanuts that you don't even know you have until you find that ONE freakin chocolate with the peanut in it.

Yes yes, I have decided now that our lives are one huge joke. I just wish I knew the punchline.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh, Bandcamp. How I love thee. :D


I found these on a website and they were TOO funny not to share. I was sitting here thinking about how excited I was about bandcamp...and so I looked up cartoons about bandcamp, and THESE popped up. All my fellow band kids, these are for you. Enjoy. :D



I was sitting at home today thinking, "Man. I wish I was all fit and healthy. I know somewhere under all the fat is a toned BEAST just waiting to come out." And JUST as I was wishing I had a companion to get fit with, My best friend AUBREE updated her facebook status asking if anyone wanted to go walking this evening with her. And I was like, ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!

So after a lovely afternoon of going to Wal-Mart and buying new bandcamp clothes for next week (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!) I drove right over to Aubree's house.

Now, before I tell you about our walk, I should tell you about Aubree. First of all, THIS is a picture of Aubree and I at the last game of the season Junior year.

She's adorable, yes?
Yes. Although I believe I had just gotten done crying in this picture due to the fact it was the last game for all the seniors.

Moving on.

Aubree and I were friends from first grade to eighth grade. Freshman year we spent two whole semesters hating each other due to a childish fight that we laugh about now once in a while. But sophomore year we got over it and became bff again :) Yaaayyyyy happy endings. Anyway, last year we had anatomy together. Which was FANTASTIC, because both of us are extremely immature and therefore found pretty much everything in that class hilarious. Our anatomy teacher eventually got so fed up she moved us to opposite ends of the classroom so we wouldn't talk through the class.

Which didn't do her any good whatsoever, because all she succeeded in doing was making us YELL across the room so we could communicate instead of just talking. So she moved us back after like three days.

Aubree is also an essential part of my band experience. It is said in the Maroon Machine Marching Band that you are NOT actually a band member until you have been yelled at by Aubree and hit on by one of the Webber boys, who play bass drum and tuba. Aubree takes band very seriously, especially now that she is a senior. I said to her one time,


and she said back,


See why I love her?

So I went to Aubree's house so we could walk. And I thought that maybe we would walk around the little path at the elementary school. or maybe around the football field.

No, sir.

Aubree decided we were going to walk from the bandroom, down to the middle school. around the block to the gas station, up main street to the main part of Eclectic, down the road to the church, past the church to Panther Palace, back to the highschool's practice field, around the field, past the fieldhouse, and back to the bandroom.

Oh yes. I wanted to kill her.


It's TOO FAR for someone as out of shape as I am. My legs hurt. I hope Aubree feels bad. VERY bad.

.......Ouch. :(

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nothing Gold Can Stay

You know what sucks?

Time. Time SUCKS. It really, honestly does.

Flashback to first grade...

I was sitting on the floor with my friend Ford. We were arranging pictures of different objects into the categories of solids, liquids, and gases. After we had gotten done laughing about the word 'gas' (its all very funny when you're six years old) we kinda looked at each other. And I guess we had what you could call a tiny little six-year-old epiphany. He sighed and said, "I can't believe we have twelve more years of this. It's TEN MORE YEARS till we can even drive!" And I said "Yea, I know...people say it goes by really fast, but...I dont think it you?" We gave each other a look, and burst out laughing. "Nah," he said. "We're gonna be in elementary school FOREVER."

And now, Ford and I are both seniors in high school.


When did I get so old? I mean, really. Right at this moment I am wearing a class ring and my senior shirt. My SENIOR SHIRT. Because I am a SENIOR.

A SENIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally cannot handle this.

The worst part of my sad little existence lately has been the loss of the recently graduated senior class of 2010. I seem to be going through withdrawals where they are concerned. Last year was my first year in marching band, and the seniors are what made the experience what it was. All my best memories, marching onto the field for my first competition, standing out of breath in our final pose after my first performance at my first game, winning best in class colorguard and most entertaining band three times in a row...completely embedded in those memories are all the seniors. I love them all so much. And now none of them are going to be there for me!!! They all went to college and left me behind in high school. I am just so afraid that we upcoming seniors won't be able to fill those shoes. I mean last year at competition there was barely an award we didn't win. How are we supposed to follow that? Those are enormous shoes to fill.

Anyway, lately it seems that the world at large has decided it is going to give me little reminders of this everywhere I go, just to see how sad it can make me before I go completely off my rocker. Every time I turn on the radio I hear songs like "Party Like a Rockstar", or "So What" (stand songs that we play at football games.) At the colorguard slumber party last night they showed a video of our last competition and I bawled like a friggin baby.


See???? Everyone's out to get me! That Journey song is like the band anthem!!!

I think I need a hug.

We Be Rollin.... ;)

Ok. SO.

Last night was out first official


Yes, yes. It was quite wonderful in every way. A band geek's dream come true- a whole night in the bandroom just chillin with your fellow bandmates.

...If we had STAYED there the whole night, that is.

Around four in the morning we found a random 24 pack of Angel Soft toilet paper sitting innocently in the percussion room. And of course once we had found it, we felt obligated to use it somehow.

This is how we saw it.

1. We had twenty four rolls of toilet paper.
2. We had cars with full tanks of gas.

3. We all happen to know EXACTLY where our band director, Mr.V, lives.

This is not hard to figure out.

After about thirty minutes of hard-core begging and pleading on our part, our colorguard sponsor finally gave in. At four am, we were officially on our way to roll Mr.V. Best night ever? I think so.

We got to his house and climbed out of the cars. We inspected his perfectly groomed lawn and his lovely tree. We looked at each other and decided it was too disgustingly perfect. This place NEEDED to be rolled. Ten minutes later, the place was absolutely trashed. And when I say trashed, I mean TRASHED. We did our job well.

Of course by then, we were all way too pumped up to go back to the bandroom. The logical solution? An impromptu trip to Wal-Mart, of course.

Picture this-
You're a tired Wal-Mart greeter. It's almost five in the morning and there's no one in the store. You sit by the automatic doors, eyelids drooping as you almost slip into slumber... and then....

Sixteen highschool girls and a dazed looking woman who looks like she's supposed to be in charge barge in, making the biggest racket you've ever heard in your life.

Within five minutes, I'm sure every tired worker in that store wanted to kill us.

Anyway, we decided we might as well do something productive whilst we were there. So we wasted almost a hundred dollars of our colorguard money on T-Shirts and fabric paint. Once we got back to the bandroom, we decided together that we were going to make shirts to wear on the first day of bandcamp next week, proclaiming our success in rolling our poor band director. (I almost feel sorry for him. He puts up with so much.) Now we all have lovely matching shirts that say


We are extremely proud of ourselves, to say the least.

Anyway, I had my first senior meeting today (Gosh, I'm a senior...I'm getting old, people!) And we planned out some of the stuff we're gonna do for senior prank week. During bandcamp, the seniors rule. And we prank. It's what we do. :)

Lets just say, Next week is going to be VERY interesting.