Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh.....Life. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, my lovelies!!!!! I hope all of you gained at least ten pounds today. I know I did. make up for the fact that I am an awful and inconsistent blogger, I decided to write a post. (deep breath) Here goes!

So, we are off from school all this week and I took the opportunity to spend some time with some awesome friends :) My very good friend, Andrew, and his lovely mother invited me and my friend Rickey over for a very late birthday gathering at his house yesterday. (YES I AM EIGHTEEN NOW!!!!) We spent the whole night sitting in his front yard. Well, Andrew and I sat and watched as Jacob stripped off his shirt and was promptly chased around the yard by Rickey.

What can I friends are strange. But I love them. :)

Alsoooooo, update! I am officially trying out for Try University's colorguard in the spring (!!!!!!!!!) and I am currently in the midst of trying to make up my try-out routine. I think I have finally decided on a song, at least...It's called 'Stay" by Jesse Thomas. And ALL OF YOU should Youtube it and let me know what you think.