Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If there's anyone out there that loves me...

You guys.


WHY AM I UP?!?!?!?!?

But seriously though, I'm pretty sure I'm delirious right now. But it's not my fault. I worked from 3 to 11 today and besides the fact that my feet are KILLING ME, I had to deal with some serious weirdos today. Like for instance, I had a man come through my line earlier and made me check EVERYTHING HE BOUGHT to make sure it wasn't made in China. He kept shouting at me, "CHINA NO GOOD!!! CHINA SUCK!!! NO CHINESE PRODUCTS!!!!" Yet, when I asked where he hailed from, you wanna know where he was from? Huh? Ya wanna know?


A Chinese man who was prejudiced against Chinese products came through my line.

AND he yelled at me when I accidentally rang up a razor that was made in Germany, which is apparently almost as bad as China, and threw it across the store.

I don't even know how to handle people sometimes.

So I came home and decided to make myself feel better by going online to various websites that I like, and looking at all the things I can't afford to buy but would love to have anyway.

And I kept coming back to THIS.

Oh my god, you guys. It might just be the fact that it's 4 AM and I'm hopelessly tired, had a freaking terrible day, miss Boyfriend a lot (he's currently working hard at Spirit Camp at Huntingdon with a bunch of band kids), or a combination of all these things that is making my brain not function correctly, but for some reason I am literally OBSESSED with this thing. I WANT IT. And I'm not usually obsessive when it comes to, you know, fashion or jewelry. I wear whatever is convenient. But THIS RING. I NEED IT. So for all of you people that love me out there and want me to have a token of, I don't know, our beautiful friendship, or how deeply you love me, or just because you decided today to randomly grant someone one wish, you should buy me this. All of you should buy me one. And then I can have one on each finger. I wear a size nine in rings. And for my toes too. I don't know what size toe ring I wear. But whatever.You can all start a fundraiser for it and buy it collectively to show your appreciation for me keeping you entertained with my blog.

And if you don't, I shall simply go buy it myself. It will be a present to me from me for being me. I like it because the knot is so representative of my confusing and complicated life. And since I have a job where I get paid to put up with self-hating Chinese people, I can afford to buy myself things now.


That was unnecessary. I apologize. My only defense is that I'm overly exhausted and I need sleep. Badly.

Why did I even write this post? I didn't plan on writing again till Thursday. Now I've gone and ruined my writing schedule.

Whatever. Imma go eat a donut. And watch Family Guy.


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