Sunday, July 8, 2012

Guest Post Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well hey there! This is NOT Myra. This is actually Matt from over at A Link to the Matt. Myra and I have decided to switch up and do a guest post on each others blogs. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… “Who knows WHAT kind of damage Myra’s doing over on Matt’s blog.” I know… I’m thinking it too.

So what do I have to talk about? Well… I’ll tell you. Toasterphobia seems to have something of a hostile atmosphere towards guys. And by hostile I mean… Walk into an Alabama football game dressed like Aubie hostile. This is something that I kind of hope to reconcile, being a guy and all. So the following posts are some reasons why not all guys are jerks. You may also gain some insights into why some of them are.

Not all guys are rude, lazy, sex-craving pigs. That being said, a lot of them are. Here’s why. It is very easy for a guy to slip into that kind of pattern because it is in their nature. They must overcome those urges, but it’s not easy. They must build habits of being a gentleman, being a good listener, and resisting the urge to hunt for girls to have sex with all of the time. Now, the way I overcame that natural maleness was to base my habits on the Bible and its commands. But I know many non-Christians who are “good guys” as well. Seek those guys out. They are out there.

Don’t take this new feminine sense of entitlement too seriously. Myra’s “Boyfriend Handbook” was funny, but that’s all it should ever be. Guys have to sleep too. Instead, strive for a sense of equality in your relationships. A guy should be as eager to watch A Walk to Remember (which I like, by the way. I’ll be reviewing it on my blog in a couple weeks) as a girl is to play Skyrim. I know girls were mistreated in the past, but humanity has come a long way since then. Instead of a guy JUST treating a girl like a queen, treat each other like kings and queens. The key to a successful relationship is walking in harmony.

Guys, you aren’t off the hook. You still need to do acts of kindness like open doors for your girlfriend/wife, and cook dinner every once in a while. The reason girls are so emotion based is because they need to be cared for. You do that, and if you find the perfect girl, she’ll care for you right back.

My final point. People are people. Neither all guys nor all girls are inherently evil. But a member of either sex can choose to be a jerk. Girls, look for a guy to treat you well, and treat him well. That, and Christ, and you two are all set for a wonderful relationship, completely free of jerks.

 (Myra here!!! If you liked this post, you can find more of Matt's AWESOME work HERE at hjs own blog, A Link to the Matt. Thanks!!!!)

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